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OUR ETHOS “Tara‘s designs are a celebration of the female form -
it‘s impossible not to feel confident in them”
Veronika Borchers Celebrity & VIP
Relations Consultant


Here at Tara Matthews we are passionate about sustainability and being kind to our environment, so we make sure that sustainably-sourced materials are used to manufacture our collection. We produce high quality, limited product runs that ensure exclusivity, while at the same time making sure that no surplus winds up in unnecessary landfills. Did you know that the equivalent of a dump truck filled with textiles gets landfilled or incinerated every single second around the world? We work with an eco-friendly factory in India to create original prints using environmentally conscious hand-dying and screen-printing techniques. Our work with small, local ateliers throughout France run by former “petit mains” insures the couture construction quality to our swimwear, but it also contributes more widely to the promotion of savoir-faire and sustains and enhances the health of local welfare through training local couturiers. We create timeless designs that flatter and enhance womens’ bodies while using high-end durable fabrics. we don’t follow trends (although we may well set them) – and this ensures that you don’t have to necessarily buy a new swimsuit each season.


We want to empower women of all shapes, sizes and ages to feel good about themselves. Our mission is to create beachwear that makes you feel confident and beautiful: holding up what needs holding up; tucking in what needs tucking in, with a high quality dependable fabric that will feel amazing against your skin. Our second mission is to follow a responsible economic model that addresses the global problems of pollution and waste. Our customers can be confident of the fact that their purchase of a Tara Matthews product, not only contributes to their personal empowerment, but also to a more sustainable world. 


It was during (an eye-opening) trip to Brazil that I was inspired to start creating swimwear. Every day I went to the beach, I noticed how much body-confidence the Brazilian women around me exuded. Few measured up to those impossible super-model statistics, and yet although they came in all shapes and sizes, they carried themselves with grace, poise and most important of all, confidence. What a breath of fresh air - body proud was their motto! With a renewed determination to find the perfect fit for my own curvaceous body in addition to a personal mission of mine - to bring confidence to women around the world - I have spent the last 15 years on a relentless quest: studying the secrets of quality swimwear design, sourcing the best fabrics, cuts and fits and testing and re-testing them on normal, real women.